Utopia Flavors

Utopia Flavors

A Flavor For Everyone

Whether you love that morning cup of coffee or love the taste of a premium cup of 100% cocoa we have you covered.

Arabica Roast
Just $59.99

Deep and rich arabica roast coffee. This full bodied and bold blend of coffees creates a complex and intensely roasted instant cup of coffee that’s hearty until the last drop.

Arabica Roast Main Image 2024
Cocoa Loco
Just $59.99

100% Premium Cocoa. 100% cocoa doesn’t contain sugar. Every ingredient comes from the cacao beans. Our cocoa will deliver that chocolate flavor you’re craving.

Cocoa Loco Main Image

The most powerful beverage ever formulated.

SUPERCHARGE your mornings, POWER through your afternoons, and REST easy in the evenings.

The most powerful beverage in the World.

SUPERCHARGE your mornings, POWER THROUGH your afternoons, and REST EASY in the evenings.