Café UTOPIA™ Cocoa Tub


Café UTOPIA™ Cocoa Tub

Café UTOPIA™ Cocoa - Adaptogen and Nootropic Infused Cocoa Tub:

3.7 oz (105 grams) and includes 30 individual servings of instant cocoa.

Café UTOPIA is formulated to elevate your mood, enhance your brain power, relieve your stress, increase your focus, and prolong your stamina and endurance. It also helps recondition your system using nootropic and adaptogen based stimulants to turn off the triggers associated with food cravings.*..

Café Utopia is non-GMO and 100% Premium Cocoa. Each scoop of Café UTOPIA contains vital natural ingredients you need to enhance your cognitive functions, elevate your mood and turn off the triggers associated with food cravings.

[ CUCOCOA002-R ]

$ 59.99